The 7 Myths Of Online Dating Exposed

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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You need to make up your own mind about what you think of online dating sites. Here are some online dating myths busted as a result of a little research.

Dating Sites Are Scams

People who tend to say that online dating sites are only there to take your money and run are outright liars. If you are weary of scammers just stick to the top online dating sites such as eHarmony or There is no way they would try to scam you out of $20 when they have millions of members in their database.

These companies are more reputable than most offline companies. You can be sure they will follow through with the terms and conditions outlaid on their site. Read them and get informed before you naively accept scare tactics.

It’s For Weirdo’s

Surely you don’t believe that now do you? Online dating is as common as a facebook account these days. And even your auntie or grandma has one of those right? Online dating is full of above average income earners of all shapes sizes and personalities.

Online dating is just an extension of the offline dating world... but a lot easier and more efficient.

It’s complicated

Online dating is EASY. The developers and creators of these sites have to make it easy so they don’t lose to many paid subscribers in the process!

It is in their best interests to make the whole process as easy as possible.

All you need to know how to do is type and use email and you will be able to online date. If you find yourself having trouble just go to the help section and have a read, alternatively send a support ticket to customer support.

Full Of Desperate Dudes

Depending on what site you visit you may be right – that is if you are visiting online adult dating sites.

These are often full of guys. However go to the major sites such as eHarmony and they focus more on love and connection than anything sexual. As a result women are attracted to this and many marriages result.

These people are not desperate at all, they are real sincere women and men looking for love online.

Information is Fake

It is pretty tough to fake a profile picture when you have your face staring back at the screen but people are still doing it I will accept that.

They may be using old photos or even someone else’s altogether. Yes there are fake users online so this myth cannot be busted. It is unlikely that users will lie outright but rather bend the truth. Men are taller women are lighter around the waist.

On the whole however this myth needs to be taken with a grain of salt. You can look at it with a negative mindset or accept that a minute number of profiles might be bending the truth and accept it.

Almost all paid users at established sites are truthful because they are sincerely looking for love online. You don’t pay for dating memberships to lie do you?

I Have No Control Once My Membership Starts

I can see how people would be scared about getting random monthly charges and repeat billing above what they agreed to. This is a common concern for many online daters.

Online dating is usually a membership where you get billed every month at around 15-29 dollars.

This online dating myth is false because you can quite easily cancel your billing before the cycle starts every month. YOU are in control. Just read the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Online Dating Is Dangerous

Dating sites always recommend that when you meet the person offline for the first time it should be in a public setting. There really is no danger involved if you are smart about how you meet and who you connect with.

Be reasonable here - Don’t expect a safe date if you sign up for a free online dating site – get a message from a dude in Senegal who wants you to send him money or fly over!!!

But do expect a safe date if you meet in a public restaurant and use only the best paid membership while talking and chatting for a period before meeting.